Tamdin Wangdu is a native Tibetan development specialist and entrepreneur, from central Tibet, now living in the United States. Among other accomplishments, Tamdin built and operated the Tibetan Village Project, one of Tibet’s most successful nonprofit organizations that worked on the Tibetan Plateau for 18 years. With the rapidly changing economic landscape and NGO policies in China, Tamdin feels his experiences and expertise are best utilized by participating in more collective discussions and efforts to support individuals and organizations working on the Tibetan Plateau and where else needed. If you would like to learn more about TVP, here is my update.

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A resource for sustainable development work on

Tibetan Plateau


Tibetan Social Entrepreneurship Initiative 

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Soon after the Chinese government has introduced a new NGO policy in China that practically made it impossible for nonprofits to operate effectively on the Tibetan Plateau,  TVP convened series of meetings, discussions, and training workshops among NGO and business leaders both in China and the USA. As result, Tibet Social Enteronurship Initiative (TSEI) was started and it is now embraced and carried forward by various organizations and individuals and Tamdin devotes much of his time and energy as a Tibet development consultant. If you wish to connect with any of the local groups or participate as a mentor or an impact investor, please let me know. 

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