Past Projects

Here are some of the past work that I have done in Tibet.

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    Business Development

    Designed, and implemented appropriate microenterprise for Tibetan enterpuernurs by providing training, small business loans, mentorship and network that benefited about 120 businesses.

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    Community-based Tourism

    Conscious Journeys, a community-based tourism development project that provides market access and employment opportunities such as tour guides, drivers, cooks, and homestay hosts, while providing meaningful experiences for travelers.

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    Donor Engagement

    Worked with major partners from international aid agencies, foundations, and individual donors to meet their specific guidelines and deliverables.

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    Developed and implemented a college scholarship program that produced over 300 Tibetan college graduates. About 90% of them are employed as teachers, medical doctors, civil servants, entrepreneurs, and social workers.

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    Partnered with local government to build, renovate, and sustain medical clinics, bridges, greenhouses, and schools as the early part of Tibetan Village Project efforts.

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