December 2019

Dear Supporters of the Tibetan Village Project,


Unlike past years, I will not be asking for your donation this year due to the Covid-19 hardship and change in my approach to working in Tibet.  After 18-years of service, Tibetan Village Project (TVP) has dissolved as a nonprofit organization, and former field staff and project partners are carrying forward the mission of serving Tibetan people on the Tibetan Plateau.


As many of you may aware, the Chinese Government has introduced a new policy for nonprofits that made it much harder to operate effectively on the Tibetan Plateau. As a result, about 90% of foreign Tibet NGOs are no longer operating in Tibet as they simply do not have a steady source of funding and a strong government connection to sustain their work. In addition, it is harder to recruit and sustain local Tibetan staff who implement projects on the ground as it is simply too risky for their lives in exchange for a small salary that NGOs can afford. 


While the Chinese government has an unfavorable NGO policy, it welcomes business development as a way of improving people’s standard of living, which some argue is more sustainable. As a result, I am focusing my time and energy on supporting social enterprise development initiatives and capacity building. TVP had three core program focuses: health, education, and business development. Some of the local businesses sTVP Funded carries forward TVP’s business mission by supporting local businesses via training and mentorship.  A former TVP staff has taken over the education program by managing the scholarship program and the health program (more recently on women’s health) is now being led by a local group with some support from our donor partners. 


I am grateful to all past TVP’s board members, staff, volunteers, donors, and well-wishers. If you wish to continue your financial support, I am facilitating donations for the scholarship program. We welcome and appreciate your consideration of supporting a student in a college. 


Again, I want to thank you for your past support from bottom of my heart. I see this change from nonprofit to social enterprise as necessary means to remain relevant for Tibet and hope you will continue to remain a friend to me and a supporter for Tibet. I look forward to staying in touch. 


Please stay safe and very best wishes


With Gratitude,


Tamdin Wangdu